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At Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks, our heart is to assist you to get the maximum from your kayaking or paddling experience.

NZ’s leading manufacturer of hand crafted composite Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks, with legendary designs stretching over 25 years.

We have also made available a range of quality Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaking accessories and and are constantly seeking new products to enhance your kayaking enjoyment. We’ve just introduced the first of our

For Experienced kayakers visiting our city, from NZ or abroad, our classic sea kayaks can be hired (along with other necessary kayak equipment) so you can enjoy your own NZ kayaking adventure at your own pace – with top quality equipment.


Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport KayaksIf you’ve ever experienced the joy of paddling, you’ll really appreciate the difference in a Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks

This Iconic New Zealand kayak company has been instrumental in the development of kayaking with many of its designers being the founding fathers of the industry. The SeaBear is widely regarded as setting the standard in sea touring kayaks. The SeaBear Packhouse double was there at the birth of the Abel Tasman tourism industry and remains the Premium kayak for quality tour companies and multi day excursions.

But we have not rested on our history alone. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and opportunities to expand our range and the services we offer.

Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks

In 2015 we launched the PP SPORT to provide a great entry level kayak into the Coast to Coast and multisport market. At the same time, the PP ADVENTURER provides an exciting option for a fun kayak. Whilst easy to paddle for beginners, the ADVENTURER encourages paddlers to improve their skills and get the best from this exciting little kayak. Easy to paddle, easily rolled and edged and very capable in the surf.

Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks offers a range of premium kayaks that provide comfort, stability, and maximum storage capacity, giving both adult and children explorers and day paddlers the greatest enjoyment of this sport. Whether you just want to get out on the water and cruise in something more luxurious and stable, or you’re contemplating tackling the elements on an extreme polar expedition, we‘ve got a kayak designed for you.

Comparison of Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and MultiSport Kayaks

Expedition & Touring Kayaks

Much of Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayak’s experience and design features have been refined in designing and building expedition kayaks. From kayaking around Antarctic islands, multi month adventures in Fiordland National Park or solo 2,600km marathons around the southern coast of South Africa, our kayaks can be built to meet your specific expedition requirements.

Our Polar Bear has enabled many adventurous kayakers to achieve their dreams, with massive load carrying capacity and good hull speed.

The Waitoa is regarded as a highly capable expedition kayak with good speed, load capacity and stability. For light weight paddlers the Breaksea is a superb expedition kayak and our Euro-X is a fast weekend tourer..

The Adventurer is a wonderful entry level sports kayak, with good stability and speed, is easy to paddle and has some “extra” capacity for intermediate paddlers to keep challenged.

And all these characteristics are built into our famous double kayaks.
The proven Packhorse has be at the forefront of sea kayak touring companies across Australasia and into Europe with unrivalled stability and load carrying capacity.

We have a complete range of Sea Kayaks with hull designs and choices of materials and colours enabling owners to personalise their kayaks. Choose your own colours, need a bigger cockpit, add a day hatch – no problem.

And with quality materials and manufacturing that means you will be enjoying your kayak years into the future.

Cross over Kayaks

As times and production methods change, so has Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks.

With today’s busy lifestyles, often new paddlers are looking for good value, well built kayaks that meet less adventurous goals of occasional paddlers,families and children.</>

Our PP ADVENTURER is designed for those new to kayaking who want a capable kayak to explore estuaries, lakes and NZ’s beautiful coastline.

It has a little extra capacity to handle some surfing and is an ideal fun play kayak that can be grown into as your skills improve.

The STAR S14 is an easy to paddle fitness kayak and is also suitable for those wanting to explore but not wanting to wear a spray skirt or be confined in a traditional sea kayak configuration.


Multi Sport kayaks

Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks offer a range of multisport (and fitness) kayaks, for the beginner right through to advanced paddlers.

The PP Sport is the perfect river kayak for first time multi sport paddlers – strong, light, easy to paddle and surprisingly fast.

The fast and responsive Saracen range take you to another level as you improve and seek greater speed and excitement. The Saracen-X is regarded as a great kayak for larger paddlers whilst the Saracen Ultra is for those wanting to push their paddling to the highest level.

These hand crafted kayaks, with options of fibreglass, kevlar or kevlar/carbon construction, are personalised to each owners colour and material choices and are not only a pleasure to paddle but something you will enjoy for many years to come.

As Paddling Perfection Sea Touring and Multisport Kayaks passion for supporting paddlers has grown, so has their range.

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