Welcome to Paddling Perfection, New Zealand

Adventurer in the Mt Maunganui surf

Nathan in the ADVENTURER off the stunning Mt Maunganui

Paddling, whether it be sea kayaks, multisport, recreational touring, fun, fishing or family – WE LOVE IT!

Based in the most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand – Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) – a small nation of three islands set in the South Pacific, and it’s about as far away as you can go.

This country is internationally known for its kayaking experiences, and over the past three decades New Zealand has become a world leader in contemporary kayak design.

At Paddling Perfection we have kayaks from several of the “Pioneers” of our industry and continue to seek new designs, features and technology to provide improvements to your paddling experience.

Paddling Perfection offers a range of premium kayaks that provide comfort, stability, and maximum storage capacity, giving both adult and children explorers and day paddlers the greatest enjoyment of this sport. Sea surf, lake chop or swirling river currents are no problem for these stable craft, and their decks are designed to provide maximum thigh support if there is ever a need to right a rolled kayak.

Finally, Paddling Perfection is a family.  Our kayaks can be found in many countries across the globe – owned by individuals, Youth Leadership groups and Leading Kayak Tour companies.  Some of our kayaks are over 20 years old, lovingly maintained by their owners and are the partner in many great kayaking memories and adventures.

When you meet a fellow Paddling Perfection kayaker you will find a person passionate about their sport, their environment and about other people.  Thats the Paddling Perfection family.

Discover your Inner Explorer

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  • Paddling Perfection kayaks in Fiordland National Park, NZ.

  • SeaBear Waitoa in Norway

  • 15 year old SeaBear - you will love your kayak for life.