New Products, New Opportunities

August 14th 2015 is a significant day in Paddling Perfections story.

Its been about 6 months since I received the privilege of taking this iconic NZ kayaking company on the next stage of its journey.

As any good business person knows modern business is not about doing what we did before.  Instead its about taking the good things that worked and adding new ideas and partners to move the business forward.

We recognise the good – We have several highly regarded kayak designs for leading designers – SeaBears, Packhourse, Breaksea, Euro-X, Saracens & Foldarols and a reputation for building great kayaks.

But to move forward we need to accept that Paddling Perfection is not a kayak manufacturer alone.

Instead we are a provider of great paddling products and services that create an enjoyable paddling experience.

In recent months we have added some selected NZ made products to showcase them to our international audience.  This is a great outdoor nation that has added much to the the development of kayaking across the globe.

So Paddling Perfection is on a new part of its journey.

Adding products and partners to move into the future.

Today this means a partnership with Star Kayaks in NZ to release two new kayaks to the market – the Paddling Perfection SPORT and ADVENTURER.

Andy at Star Kayaks has developed a great new hull on his S14 Ski- easy to paddle, good tracking, maneuverable and surprisingly fast.

We’ve worked with him to add a new deck option that opens this hull up to a wider paddling audience – river racing and multisports, river and estuary paddling, day touring and sea kayaking.

Modern design, modern manufacturing and materials.

And as we launch this new paddling experience we are also on the look out for new partners for the future.

Dealers and distributors who share the passion to grow the kayak market, to enhance the paddling experience of our owners and to collaborate on ideas and strategies to grow our mutual businesses.

And manufacturers with products and services that also follow this culture of quality, innovation and teamwork.

I hope you enjoy the new kayaks.

And I hope that those of you – paddler, dealer and manufacturer – that enjoy working together to grow this amazing sport will get in contact with me and start dreaming together.

Kim White

Managing Director

Paddling Perfection

PP Adventurer in front, with it's stripped down River racing version the "Sport" in the background.

PP Adventurer in front, with it’s stripped down River racing version the “Sport” in the background.


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