New S14 cross-over ski

Exciting entry level fitness Ski

Exciting entry level fitness Ski

S14 Ski Kayak - White - New - TOPa

For those entering the field of kayak fitness or multisports we have partnered with Star Kayaks to make available to you their S14 Ski.

Light, surprisingly fast, stable and exciting to paddle in a variety of water conditions.

The hull design maximises water length, enabling the S14 to maintain cruising speeds normally associated with a longer kayak hull whilst at the same time enabling good control and stability.

Modern manufacturing methods and materials, a good hull design and quality componentry make the S14 the perfect entry level fitness kayak.

Easy lift rudder mechanism, self adjusting pedals, Venturi comes as standard, carry handles, comfortable seat and adjustable backrest.

Comes in a stylish and contemporary white deck finish with black fittings – very smart looker!

Length: 435 cm Width: 60cm Weight: 17kg
Stowage: Front: 65 liters Rear: 110 liters

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