PP Club Day – 28th March 2015

On the 28th March the first “Paddling Perfection Club Open Day” will take place at Long Bay, Auckland.

Our team will be there with demo models of our kayaks for you to try out.
A SeaBear Waitoa, Breaksea and possibly a Packhorse Double!
And for you multi sport paddlers we will have the Saracen Ultra and X.
If you are an existing Paddling Perfection kayak owner we would love you to bring your kayak down and share your paddling stories with us.
This will be the first of several “PP Club” get togethers throughout the year where we will have some fun, share our stories and get your views on future developments.
So come along, bring your family and kayak and enjoy a morning hanging out with other great people like yourself!
10am -1pm
Long Bay Beach
Saturday 28th March
Look for the kayaks and the Charity Yakkers flag (my personal charity activity for kayakers)
See you there!
Kim & the Team at Paddling Perfection
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