Region X Joshua Waterson

“Took out ‘the bear’ as we have named her on a still day with glassy 3 ft swell, our daughter 11 months old sat in the middle compartment and watched the sea eagles, swans, fisherman and yachts. The boat kept her and my partner dry on the way out through the shore breakers.

The bow displaced all the oncomming swell nicely, the packhorse rudder system is fantastic with the spongy bungy elastic system, very smooth and soft turnning motions, super easy to adjust too, best system ive seen. We headed up our nearby estuary, surfing the swell on the river mouth, surfed well. The boat felt super safe and moved along quite swiftly for such a large boat. Even felt safe when we caught a nice swell home to the beach, managed to keep it straight with the rudder alone.

The verdict 10 out of 10, very happy with the product.

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